Instagram Live Sales

Join us weekly on Wednesdays (at Expressions) and Fridays (at Jess) for the best LIVE online shopping event in town.  Get the VIP treatment with a first look at what we've got new in store!  Both events start at 8 PM on Instagram Live. 


Tips & Tricks for Instagram Live Shopping

  If you'd like to purchase an item, or try something on in the store, please comment with "Sold" with a brief description of the item (example: "Sold pink top in medium") so our staff can set your special piece aside for you!  As can be expected, sometimes there will be more than one viewer who likes the same item.  We will do our best to be fair, and will go by whoever we see first on the feed.   If something has been claimed but can be special ordered, we will most certainly make note of that as we go along. 


* Please note - our Instagram feed is about 10-15 seconds delayed, so we often don't see your comments for a small gap of time.  To help us navigate, we love it even more if you can add details such as color, size, item name, etc.  This way if we've already moved on to the next item, we know exactly what you want!